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Anigma Tech is the home of news, reviews, and updates about technology, gaming and anime. It is a web magazine  with obsessive coverage of everything in context of gadgets, gaming, technology and more, featuring honest and opinionated product  review and a humerous spin to consumer technology. 

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Discussion and news regarding everything from vintage to the latest, with a comprehensive mixture of news, reviews and features. Anigma Tech manages to publish How-to guides not only limited to a specific topic but a large variety where everyone has the option to grow and learn more.

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We at Anigma Tech, promise to deliver rich and high valued content with easy navigation on the website. 

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Aaryan Sharma

Aaryan Sharma


Aaryan Sharma, the founder of Anigma Tech, with his immense knowledge of anime and technology from all around the globe, is all set to make his vision of the greatest anime and technology platform come true.

PS: 100+ anime watched! (Sports, Super Power, Shounen, Demons and a whole lot more).
Computer hardware is my speciality. How? I’ve been building computers for a long time!