Ryzen 3000 & Navi Release Date & Specs – Intel Comet Lake – More Nvidia 1660 Ti News

Ryzen 3000 and Navi

Today we’ve got a reported release date for AMD’s Navi GPUs as well as 3rd Gen Ryzen plus an exclusive on Intel’s 10 core chip. Now let’s get to the news AMD’s Navi GPUs as well as their desktop ryzen 3000 series CPUs are some of the most anticipated processors of the year and it looks like red gaming tech actually got the scoop on the release date! (Though I really do want to reiterate that because they’re not revealing the source we really can’t know for sure whether this is accurate or not). So for the time being it’s a rumor but it does make a lot of sense according to them AMD’s ryzen 3000 series CPUs along with their next generation X570 motherboards will be releasing on July 7th and this makes perfect sense for a few reasons.

Firstly, Lisa Su said they’re aiming for the end of Q2 and though it’s after the second quarter they’re releasing July 7th so 7/7 reiterating the 7 nanometer process that their next gen chips are built on. Another thing that makes sense is it being the perfect launch date to initially announce at Computex. Now, RedGamingTech is also reporting that Navi will also launch on the 7th. According to them TSMC is having trouble sourcing enough chips given they’re the only current seven nanometer vendor for AMD or really anyone. Basically AMD may not be able to launch Navi when they want. Though according to RedGamingTech they’re trying as hard as they can, and July 7th is the perfect date and one made for a pretty genius marketing campaign either way it’s time to start marking your calendars.

AMD is also targeting higher clock frequencies for Ryzen 3000 (unsurprising given what we know) but also that the motherboard platforms will need to be built with support for more overclocking features. This means that robust VRM design and other usual considerations will be very important.

All of this means that for at least 9 months The Red Team will be fighting Intel with a Zen 2 powered Matisse lineup, while Intel can only put up the I9-9900K for a fight… which isn’t a very good sign for Intel at all. AMD could simply dominate Intel in all areas – and given the IPC difference isn’t that much different between a Ryzen 7 2700X and a I9-9900K (as RedGamingTech discovered in IPC testing late last year), a Zen 2 processor with 10 – 15 percent of IPC gains, and a 4.5 – 5 GHZ core clock would also take Intel’s gaming advantage away from them leaving them in only despair.

A cheap and powerful 8 core, 16 thread Matisse processor that costs 100 – 200 USD (Also take note that AMD motherboards are cheaper) would essentially mean that no one would purchase an Intel processor. RedGamingTech source also stated that Intel’s future processor roadmap (after Comet Lake, moving into Tiger Lake) is very impressive, but that doesn’t help even a bit right now.

AMD have managed to execute very well since the original Zen launch, and after 7nm Zen 2 we have the company launching Zen 3, which is a 7nm+ version, with very modest IPC tweaks and improvements but with the aim to reduce power consumption.

Intel’s New Comet Lake – 10 Core CPUs

Now we move back to RedGamingTech’s story as they also detailed some information regarding Intel’s next-generation CPUs. According to the same source(who they say accurately gave them information in the past), Intel won’t be launching their ten nanometer Ice Lake for desktop this year now this is something we’ve kind of heard before and honestly expected but instead they’re gonna release comet Lake which is yet another iteration of their 14 nanometer process. Yep, 14 nanometer plus plus plus plus plus plus Though two positives never equal a negative like two negatives become a positive but I think we can make a case for 30 positives becoming a very real negative regardless if this is true Intel will be moving upto 10 cores making the past three years an unbelievable jump in processing power for the company. Which is really odd considering just a year before all this started Intel said their chips would actually get slower moving forward it’s so weird almost like a company came out of nowhere and forced them to innovate like they haven’t done in years.(Yes Yes We all thank AMD)

Some GTX 1660 Ti News

BestBuy is readying for the upcoming GTX 1660 Ti release it’s the Gaming X6 which tells us this model is made by MSI and while we don’t have the release date its priced at $319 now, and I know that seems a little high compared to the $280 we’ve been hearing but it makes sense. First, best buy typically sells graphics cards for more than online retailers. Though don’t forget that they do price match Amazon and Newegg (Just a quick tip for those who may not know). The other reasons are because it’s a board partner GPU plus they’re usually priced a little higher during launch anyway. Basically the GTX 1660 Ti is coming really really soon!

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