AMD’s Ryzen 3rd Gen might Disappoint! 300 series Motherboard Not Supported!

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” It is all a series of exploitation! Greedy manufacturers and companies have been emerging from a very long time. Such things are not very surprising these days due to the mischief of everyone. And Now even in the Technology market, companies keep going the same path.

Greedy motherboard vendors such as MSI want you, the consumer, to buy a new motherboard every two generations of processor for good reason at all. So MSI is following the same practice fro the AM4 platform, MSI is reportedly blocking support for 3rd generation Ryzen “Matisse” processors on its AMD 300-series chipset motherboards, even including those based on the high-end AMD X370 and OC-capable B350 chipset motherboards. This would also upset those who own $300 motherboards such as the X370 XPower(Bad luck, isn’t it? Nope!). To recap, AMD has announced on numerous occasions that it doesn’t want to be a greedy clique like its competitor such as Intel, by forcing motherboard upgrades and has promised that AM4 socket motherboards will be forwards and backwards compatible with at least four generations of Ryzen processors, running all the way up to year 2020.

This normally means that any 300-series chipset motherboard must support upto 4th generation Ryzen processors with a very simple BIOS update. Most 300-series motherboards, including the ones from MSI, even ship with “USB BIOS Flashback” feature to help with forwards compatibility. Unfortunately, motherboard companies such as MSI care more about money and their sales than the consumer. In a support e-mail to an MSI X370 XPower Titanium owner, the company confirmed that it will not extend Zen 2 support to AMD 300-series chipset motherboards. Seeing this trend, other motherboard manufacturers could follow MSI’s suit.A representative of another motherboard vendor, on condition of anonymity, told TechPowerUp that “Zen 2” processors have steeper electrical requirements that 300-series chipset motherboards don’t meet. This is totally an excuse similar to the one that Intel gave for the planned obsolescence of its 200-series and 100-series chipsets, even as it was repeatedly proven that those motherboards can run and overclock 9th generation processors with custom firmware perfectly. Would MSI even care to explain whether a B450M PRO-M2 has a stronger VRM than an X370 XPower Titanium to warrant “Zen 2” support? Will all the “Zen 2” processor SKUs have steep electrical requirements? Will there not be any SKUs with double-digit-Watt TDP ratings? Pure bullshit!

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